Know Your Contractor


4/20/2012 This Home Was Washed By One of The Local Companys Thats Useing Our Name (Pressure Washing Charlotte) As Part of There Company Name And In
There Advertising  Im Not Sure Why I Guess They Like Our Work Too (BUT! This Has Caused Us Major Headaches In The Passed, And This Is Just One Good Example Why ) When The Contractor Stopped Answering His Phone  The Home Owner Called Us (Thinking We Were  Associated With Them ) There Was Nothing We Could Do to Help Out, The Vinyl Siding Was Messed Up So Bad It Could Not Be Repaired The Inexperienced Contractor Used Way To Much Pressure ( The Damage Cost $2400) And Believe It or Not This Company Is Still Actively Washing Homes In Charlotte To Day And There Still Useing Our Name So Please Dont Be Fooled By Others Useing Our Good Name To Get Your Business In No Way Are We Affiliated With Liable Or Responsible For Work or Damage Done By Any Other Company In The Charlotte NC Area That’s Using Our Name ( Pressure Washing Charlotte ) In There Advertising To Mislead You About Who They May Be? < You Need To Know Whos Comeing To Your Home ! > We Are Proud to Be Pressure Washing Charlotte The Ones That Have Been Washing Charlotte Homes With Safe Low Pressure For Over 14 Years Call Us At  704-806-3002 Or Email